Custom Bookbinding


Custom Stationery Items

Pricing & Ordering

Hand bookbindery in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1969.

Serving the needs of book collectors, antiquarian dealers, and enthusiasts.

Locally and by mail nationally and internationally.



Pricing & Ordering Information

Custom bookbinding -

Restorations - $60 and up

Stationery items -

These prices generally reflect the lower ranges. If the books are substantially thick or oversized, or if there are significant repairs required, then the costs will be higher.

Basic gold stamping is included in the above prices for cloth and leather bindings. Several sizes and fonts are available.

A discount of 10 - 15% can be given for multiples in most of the above categories.

To inquire about placing an order, please email me at I will respond to your query as soon as I am able (usually within a few days).

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